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Logo of the NL

The new logo of the National Library of the Czech Republic pays homage to Czech literature. It consists of two dominant letters NK in two separate fields of different colours which symbolise an open book. The letters NK are designed to be original initials. Vivid colours of the new logo refer to the illuminated manuscripts of the 15th century, while its typography draws from the tradition of Czech graphic design of the 1920s and 1930s. Austerity and graphic abbreviation of the logo correspond with the present understanding of visual communication, being at the same time timeless thanks to its referring to history. The basic form of the logo with initials NK is complemented with the name of the institution in Czech and English, however, it may be used on its own. The new logo uses the fonts of Slavoboj Tusar, Tusar Deco (1921), redrawn and digitised by Střešovická písmolijna v Praze (Střešovice Letterfoundry, Prague) in 2001. Directions for use and specification of colours and fonts are given in individual chapters of the Graphical Manual.

(From the NL Logo Graphical Manual)

Author of the logo: M.Corradini

Sep 18, 2012
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