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International Research and Development Projects

LiWA (Living Web Archives)
Project duration: 2008–2011
Project leader: Claudia Niederee, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz Universität, Hannover, Germany
Investigator on the part of the NL CR: Libor Coufal
Financial Support: 7th Framework Programme of the EU

Living Web Archives (LiWA) is a three-year research project financed by the EU, aimed at the area of web archives. Thanks to the rapid development of web technologies, the contemporary instruments for web archives have achieved the limits of their potential. The goal of the LiWA is to design and test new methods which will make it possible to improve the quality of the contents of web archives and their long-term value for users as well as ‘vitalise’ them. The outcome of the project will be a new generation of tools for harvesting, preserving, analysing and enriching the contents of web archives, which will allow long-term interpretability as the archives will develop, providing higher fidelity of the archival contents by the filtration of insignificant white noise and capturing diverse contents (multimedia, social web etc.). In 2010, the development of the tools for extracting complex links, filtering spam, ensuring the temporal coherence of the archives and mapping the semantic development, including two applications for archiving streamed media and the social web, was completed. These tools were also being integrated and tested.

IMPACT (Improving Access to Text)
Project duration: 1st January 2008 – 31st December 2011; the National Library of the CR has been a member since 1st April 2010
Project leader: Hidelies Balk, Koninklijke Bibliotheek / Nationale bibliotheek van Nederland, The Hague, The Netherlands
Investigator on the part of the NL CR: Tomáš Foltýn
Financial Support: 7th Framework Programme of the EU

The international project IMPACT associates twenty-six partner institutions from all of Europe. National and large university libraries, linguistic research centres and technological centres responsible for development are represented in the project. The fundamental objectives of the project are to perfect user access to historical texts thanks to an improvement of the results of OCR, to share information on the course of mass digitalisation, to define the ‘best practices’ for individual types of documents and to create tools to streamline this process, or to build a methodological centre that in future would provide consultations for the digitisation process and also define the internationally valid strategies. The National Library of the CR is responsible for the production of 100%-corrected OCR documents in the PAGExml format in Czech, testing of some tools, cooperation with a language partner in the creation of dictionaries for earlier Czech or presenting the results of the project. Besides the fulfilment of these basic tasks, it also participates in the building of the methodological centre. In 2010, the National Library of the CR met all of its partial aims. Particularly the activities connected with the creation of OCR and the connection of the resolution to the development implemented within the project Optimisation of Tools for the Digitisation of Printed Documents in Danger of Acid Paper Degradation were evaluated positively. In many aspects, the National Library of the CR has thus surpassed the other partner institutions, in which it has significantly enriched fulfilling the aims of the project.

Oct 02, 2012
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