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Pre-registration (and the following registration) in the National Library CR is intended for users older than 15 years. Special pre-registration form is available in NL catalogue under button f-registeren.gif (menu Login > Register).

The pre-registration will allow you (during the time of its validation) to:

  • Put online orders through the NL catalogue – at this stage all of them only for in-house use in our reading rooms
  • Book computer in the Reference centre – for internet access, licenced databases or other sources
  • Overview items on your user’s account

The usage of ordered services (books, microfilms or booked computers) is possible after the completing of the registration procedure.

Pre-registration will not allow you to:

  • Put the interlibrary loan service request
  • Get the remote access to the licenced databases
  • Put the request for the outside loans

ID and password you have got after filling the pre-registration form are valid for the next7 calendar days. During this time is necessary to complete the registration personally in the Main Hall in Klementinum. You will have to prove your identity with a valid personal card and pay the registration fee.

You will get the full access to all library services after finishing the registration – including outside loans (according to pertaining articles in the Rules and Regulations).

Pre-registration uncompleted within  7 calendar days will be automatically canceled as well as the book orders or booked computers.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact the Main Hall (phone: 221 663 248, e-mail:

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Jan 09, 2024
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