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Dicţionarul romanului central-european

In June 2023, the National Libraray of the CR acquired the Romanian publication Dicţionarul romanului central-european din secolul XX (Polirom, 2022). It was donated by its main editor Adriana Babeti, Professor emeritus at West University of Timisoara and Associate Professor at University of Bucharest. As stated by Libuše Valentová, a renowned specialist in Romanian studies „this voluminous work – the result of year-long efforts of several dozens of authors from Romania, Czechia, Poland and other countries – features in detail the novel work of all important European writers of the 20th century“. Of course, it also includes Czech novelists such as K. Čapek, J. Hašek, M. Kundera, L. Vaculík, V. Páral, J. Topol, D. Hodrová etc. According to L. Valentová, the dictionary is original both in concept and content, and therefore it is not surprising that it recently received the Special Prize of the Union of Romanian Writers for works published last year.

More about Professor Babeti here >>

Sep 18, 2023, HOLAN
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