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Catalogues and Databases


To its readers, the Slavonic Library offers several types of electronic catalogues, which enable readers to find any catalogued document from the library collection via internet. The Aleph electronic catalogue of the Slavonic Library represents the principal information database. The system contains all acquisitions since 1997, with the older documents added continuously. In addition, readers have two other scanned library catalogues. Both types of electronic catalogues of the Slavonic Library are part of the information library base of the National Library.

While they are in the Library, the readers can use the original public card catalogues (name, subject, systematic, and other catalogues), and also several card catalogues and service with limited access.

Furthermore, the Slavonic Library offers its users specialised licensed electronic databases. Registered users of the Slavonic Library can use distant access to the licensed electronic sources and databases of the National Library of the Czech Republic. These databases also belong to the information system of the National Library.

Inventory lists of processed and catalogued collections are available in the database Special Collections of the Slavonic Library.

The library systematically compiles and makes available selection of other freely available subject-related information sources (specialised encyclopedias, information portals, etc.).

The sum of these information sources allows the Slavonic Library to fulfill its main goal – to offer its users complex information in the field of Slavistics.



Lukáš Babka

Oct 30, 2012
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