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New Publications

Jaroslav Bidlo (1868–1937) a Milada Paulová (1891–1970): bibliografie publikovaných prací / sestavili a úvodní studie napsali Jan Boháček, Daniela Brádlerová, Marek Ďurčanský, Jiřina Urbanová

Jaroslav Bidlo (1868–1937) a Milada Paulová (1891–1970): A Bibliographies of Published Works / compiled and edited by Jan Boháček, Daniela Brádlerová, Marek Ďurčanský, Jiřina Urbanová

1st ed. – Prague, 2024 – 142 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 84) – ISBN 978-80-7050-782-7

Jaroslav Bidlo (1868–1937) and Milada Paulová (1891–1970) are two of the founding figures of Czech historical Slavic studies. Their contribution to the knowledge of the history of Eastern and Central Eastern Europe has not yet been fully appreciated. More systematic research on their works has mainly focused on monographs. However, the bibliography compiled shows that they were also authors of shorter pieces, including intensive reviewing, journalism, or the writing of encyclopaedic entries. In addition, many of their texts were published in periodicals that are hardly available and little known now.

Personal bibliographies are supplemented by studies placing the work of both figures in the context of their lives and professional careers. In both cases, these were mainly connected with Charles University in Prague, but they also included activities in scientific societies, especially the Institute of Slavonic Studies and the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences. Moreover, the bibliographies clearly show a major involvement of the personalities in the creation of the content of some scientific periodicals (Český časopis historický [Czech Historical Review], Časopis Matice moravské [Journal of the Moravian Foundation]) or directly in their editing (Časopis Národního muzea [Journal of the National Museum], Byzantinoslavica).

Price: 290,- CZK

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Slovanská knihovna 1924–2024: (Průvodce po dějinách, fondech a službách) = The Slavonic Library, Prague 1924–2024: (A Guide to its History, Funds and Services) / Lukáš Babka

1st ed. – Prague, 2023 – 333 p. (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 88) – ISBN 978-80-7050-792-6

The Slavonic Library in Prague was founded in 1924 by the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This library was tasked with two main goals: (a) creating the informational foundations for the newly established Institute of Slavonic Studies, and (b) collecting and making accessible documents for the diaspora from the Russian Empire. Many of these refugees, with different nationalities, found refuge in Czechoslovakia after 1918. The Slavonic Library since 1958 has been part of, what is today, the National Library of the Czech Republic. Thanks to the size and composition of its collections, the Slavonic Library is an internationally recognized centre of Slavic studies.

This book provides a detailed description of the history of the Slavonic Library over the last century. It introduces the reader to the libraryʼs collections, how they were created, and gives insights into the most valuable documents in the library. In addition to providing the usual information about those departments dealing with books, journals, and newspapers this monograph also highlights the Slavonic Libraryʼs unique historical, manuscript, and cartographic collections. Information about emigration from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, after 1917 is presented in a separate chapter. This is because on this migration topic the Slavonic Libraryʼs collection is of global importance. In addition, this volume also presents the libraryʼs special collections that include unique archives of documentary, visual, artistic, photographic, and numismatic materials.

Finally, this book provides an overview of the range of services provided by the Slavonic Library with practical information about the libraryʼs operations that will be welcomed by anyone interested in studying and using the Slavonic Libraryʼs services.

This book was published to mark the centenary of the libraryʼs foundation.

Price: 350,- CZK
Distribution of the book is provided, besides the Slavonic Library, by online bookshop

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Katalog starých ruských tisků z fondů Slovanské knihovny tištěných azbukou. Díl IV. Knihy (1796–1800), ruská periodika 18. století / Sestavily Olga Leshkova a Rita Lyons Kindlerová

Catalogue of Russian Early Printed Books from the Slavonic Library Collections Printed in the Cyrillic. 4th Volume. Books (1795–1800), Russian Periodicals Produced in the 18th Century / edited by Olga Leshkova a Rita Lyons Kindlerová

1st ed - Prague, 2023. - 549 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 84) - ISBN 978-80-7050-784-1

The fourth (final) volume of the Russian early printed books catalogue is derived from Slavonic Library’s collection of books printed in Cyrillic. Specifically, this volume contains information about books published in Russia in the final years of the 18th century (1796–1800). This period, roughly corresponding to the reign of Tsar Paul I (1796–1801), was very unfavourable for printing, the book trade, and written and literary production. This was due to the introduction of strict censorship and a system of state control over literature. This era culminated in a complete ban on importing books and periodicals into Russia and a prohibition on the operation of private printing houses.

This fourth volume begins with a scientific study of materials from the A.F. Smirdin collection housed in the Slavonic Library, Prague. This introductory study examines problems associated with book printing, the book trade, and publishing in Russia between 1796 and 1800. The study also outlines the legacy of A. F. Smirdin (1795–1857): a prominent Russian bookseller, publisher, bibliographer and bibliophile.

In addition to a bibliography of 216 titles for the 1796–1800 period, the fourth volume of this catalogue also contains an inventory of Russian periodicals produced in the 18th century that currently form part of the collections of the Slavonic Library (46 titles), visual supplements and a summary index of all four published volumes.

Price: 230,- CZK

Further information – in Czech, English and Russian (PDF)

Československo-jihoslovanská liga (1921–1929) a Československo-jihoslovanská revue (1930–1939). Bibliografie časopisů / sestavila a úvodní studii napsala Kateřina Kolářová

Czechoslovak-South Slavic League (1921–1929) and Czechoslovak-South Slavic Review (1930–1939). A Bibliography of Journals / compiled and edited by Kateřina Kolářová

1st ed.– Prague, 2022 – 354 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 82) – ISBN 978-80-7050-757-5

The publication, edited by Slavist and Balkanist PhDr. Kateřina Kolářová, DiS., focuses on one chapter of the rich Czechoslovak-South Slavic (Yugoslavian) cultural relations in the interwar period – the publication of the journals Czechoslovak-South Slavic League (1921–1929) and Czechoslovak-South Slavic Revue (1930–1939).

In the first part of the volume the author presents the history of Pan-Slavic societies in interwar Czechoslovakia. It primarily focuses on the Czechoslovak-South Slavic League, which was one of the main promoters of the development and deepening of mutual (chiefly) cultural contacts in Czechoslovakia at the time. Among its miscellaneous activities the publication of the journal Československo-jihoslovanská liga in the 1920s, renamed Československo-jihoslovanská revue in the 1930s, stands out. The book describes the structure of both journals, their thematic content, and the main figures associated with their preparation.

The second part of the book – the bibliography – is introduced by an extensive editorial note. The bibliographies of both journals themselves contain a total of 4,475 entries. The volume also includes a list of identified authorial marks and a name index.

Price: 359,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Russkaia emigraciia v Prage (1918–1945): putevoditel‘ = Ruská emigrace v Praze (1918–1945): průvodce / Anastasija Kopršivova, Lukaš Babka

Russian Émigrés in Prague (1918–1945). A Guide / Anastasija Kopršivova, Lukaš Babka

1st ed. – Prague, 2022 – 207 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 87) – ISBN 978-80-7050-741-4

Following the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917 and the subsequent Bolshevik takeover of Russia, thousands of the Russians that had been forced to flee their homes and escape abroad found temporary refuge and often a permanent home in the new state of Czechoslovakia. The publication Russian Émigrés in Prague (1918–1945). A Guide presents in the form of an address directory the colourful public life of the Russian émigré community in Prague in 1918–1945.

Although the Russians were scattered throughout the republic, the book focuses only on Greater Prague, where their concentration was the greatest and where organisations with regional branches mostly had their centres. Other nationalities comprising this refugee wave (Ukrainians, Belarusians) are also omitted, with the exception of the few groups of Caucasian and Siberian peoples, often cooperating with the Russians.

The 168 entries of the directory are divided by their nature (e.g. associations, educational, religious, scientific, sporting and cultural institutions, shops, restaurants, as well as memorial plaques), accompanied by brief descriptions and rich pictorial documentation comprising historical as well contemporary photographs of the places listed, reproductions of stamps, letterheads, logos and other materials of the time. The book also includes a name index, a list of the addresses of the houses photographed, a list of the owners of the visual materials used, and a list of the sources and literature used.

Price: 350,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Apr 04, 2024
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