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Cloakroom regulations

  1. Only users and visitors of the National Library of the Czech Republic (NL) are permitted to place their outer garments and pieces of luggage in the cloakroom.
  2. Kindly, do not leave any valuables (money, jewelry, mobile phones etc.) in your belongings left in the cloakroom.
  3. Outer garments and pieces of luggage left in the cloakroom may be picked up after producing a cloakroom number. In case the cloakroom number has been lost, a cloakroom attendant will return the accepted objects to their owner after presenting his/ her identity card, after having registered his/ her name and address, and after having received the sum of CZK 50 in ready cash (the price for a cloaroom number). The cloakroom attendant is obliged to issue the proof of payment.
  4. A piece of luggage or an object placed in the cloakroom may not exceed 25 x 35x 45 cm and 10 kgs, nor contain any perishable material. A piece of luggage exceeding the limits stipulated above cannot be accepted in the cloakroom. It may be placed in a locker at the vestibule next to the cloakroom. The use of lockers in the National Library building is given in the Locker Use Regulations.
  5. No objects may be left outside the cloakroom and lockers.
  6. The cloakroom does not accept any soiled or malodorous clothes, objects and pieces of luggage.
  7. No compensations can be claimed for possible damages caused in the cloakroom to outer garments placed there without any hanger or tab.
  8. No objects are accepted in the cloakroom should its capacity be full.
  9. Unauthorized persons are not admitted behind the cloakroom counter.
  10. Objects left in the cloakroom must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the NL closing time to the public.
  11. Items that have not been picked up from the cloakroom at least 15 minutes after the NL closing time will be put on record and be kept in the NL for the next 15 days. They will be returned to their owner after the owner´s identity card has been presented, after having it registered and after the sum of CZK 200 has been paid in ready cash by their owner at the Security Agency Office at the Klementinum building. The owners can claim the issue of items at the Security Agency Office at the Klementinum building during the NL opening hours to the public. After the lapse of 15 days, the uncollected items will be treated as abandoned.
  12. Your comments or complaints may be addressed to the Management and Operation Division of the National Library of the CR.


21 March, 2022

Mgr. Tomáš Foltýn
General Director
National Library of the Czech Republic

Apr 07, 2022
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