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Rules for using internet and electronic information resources in Periodicals Reading Room

  • Internet is accessible only to registered users who have their own valid National Library card or temporary card. Registered users can access the computers for free.
  • Users are obliged to abide by the Rules for internet and electronic bibliographic and information resources available in the National Library.
  • Using computers for another purposes than for searching information sources (e.g. e-mails) is possible only from dedicated computers in Reference Centre.
  • Computers in Periodicals Reading Room are strictly intended for searching online research sources and freely available research data on internet.
  • Users who want to work with online sources can reserve a place one week ahead a maximum of one hour daily on internet and two hours on purchased research databases. Users can reserve personally, by phone or by e-mail. When they want to reserve by e-mail they must wait for the confirmation of their order. After 10 minutes the entitlement for a place expires.
  • Unused computers are available to non ordered users (for e-mails maximum 15 minutes). After coming of users who show interest of mentioned sources is necessary to finished work immediately.
  • The Library reserves the right to adapt the run of the reading room to the present situation. Staff provides a consultation only for searching information sources of the National Library and accessible bibliographic databases.
  • Users can print the results of searching on a copy machine. The price of printed page is abided by Price List of the National Library.
  • Users are obliged to abide by the general assignments of the National Library regulations and to use data sources on the internet in accordance with legal and moral regulations. Viewing websites promoting ethnic hatred, racism and any other intolerance heading to suppression of human rights and freedoms, and pornography sites is in the National Library possible only if a user has a letter of recommendation (from a school, employer etc.) stating that he needs to see these pages for research reasons.

Ludmila Štěpánková

Apr 11, 2023
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