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Periodicals Reading Room Regulations

  1. Before entering the reading room the users are obliged to switch off their mobile phones and use them only outside the Reading Room.
  2. The users are obliged to present their valid library card or Admission Ticket when entering the reading room.
  3. Enter the reading room is permitted only with writer's tool, optionally with study materials. It is not allowed to bring food and drink into the reading room.
  4. Periodicals Reading Room collection is only for internal lending. Circulation services are only exception.
  5. Information about Periodicals Reading Room collection provides alphabetical card catalog and electronic catalog of the National Library of the Czech Republic- NL Catalogues.
  6. Most current issues of journals and newspapers are available in the reading room. Older issues are brought by librarian from a reading room's stock on a request immediately. Orders are not attended 1/2 hour before closing the reading room.
  7. Titles from legal deposit collection are available on request twice a day; this means that orders accepted till 12 a.m. are available this day in 1 p.m., later orders are available next day from 9 a.m. or another day requested. It is possible to order 10 volumes in maximum. Orders are accepted personally, by phone or by e-mail.
  8. Journals and newspapers on microfilms are also available. Order must be attended in Main Hall and is available in the reading room in 2 hours.
  9. Registered user is obliged to return borrowed titles 1/2 hour before closing the Reading Room.
  10. Self-service copying machine is available for users to make copies for personal use. Copying end 1/2 hour before closing. Self-service copying is followed by Instructions for Use of Self-Service Photoduplication Services. Price is followed by The National Library of the Czech Republic Fees and Services Price List.
  11. Photocopying services are provided with copies from microfilms and bounded periodicals.
  12. Users are obliged to respect the Rules of using internet and electronic information resources in the event of work with computers.
  13. Registered user wanting to use online electronic resources is allowed to make a reservation for working with the Internet for 1 hour per day or working with professional databases offered for 2 hours per day.
  14. Users are allowed to use portable computers with own electronic resources after consulting the librarian in charge. It is strictly forbidden to connect to communications net of the National Library of the Czech Republic.
  15. Users are allowed to use the Wireless Internet Access, information on technical parameters are published on National Library web pages.
  16. When leaving the reading room the registered users receive their library card back.

Prague, October 3rd, 2005
PhDr. Bohdana Stoklasová
Head of Library Collections and Services Department
National Library of Czech Republic

Hana Nová

Dec 03, 2012
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