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General Reading Room Regulations

Issued according to the provision of Part I No. 12 of the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

  1. Voice communication by mobile phones or any other brought-in equipment is prohibited in the Reading Room.

  2. You may occupy one vacant seat at a table only. In specific cases, you can be assigned a seat by the staff. Readers consulting items of the NL collections have a preferential right to use the Reading Room seats.

  3. In the General Reading Room, you may primarily consult the items of the NL collections issued to you, upon producing your valid NL Card, at the service desk in the middle of the room.

    You are responsible for the items all the time your NL Card and the control slips are filed with the staff. You can also study the borrowed items in the neighboring Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room. You may not, however, take them out of the space of both General Reading Room and Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room.

  4. Please handle the borrowed NL items with care and caution. A trolley is available for their handling. In certain cases, you may be required to use it by the staff.

    Don´t write on a paper laid on top of a library item. Any intervention into the integrity of the NL item – such as underlining, highlighting, writing of notes, sticking slips etc. – is prohibited. Kindly use only soft-lead pencil in your work; ink pens are forbidden.

    Please do not bring in ink, scissors, glue, or sharp items in the Reading Room. If the need be, ask for them the staff at the service desk. Do not put luggage of size exceeding a handbag on the tables.

  5. The number of items you can order for on-site-loan [ie. consultation in the Reading Room] is limited to 10. You may place order for new items up to this limit; items kept on hold are included in the limit.

    In the case of newspapers (or any large-size volumes), the limit amounts to a maximum of 6 volumes (in principle, the volume total amounting to one year of a newspaper).

    The items are kept for one week from the delivery from the stacks or from the latest consultation.

    The number of items you can keep on hold after the first consultation is limited to 5.
    (Ask the staff in the Reading Room in case of your specific needs.)

  6. There is a reference collection available for all users in the Reading Room. Its items are recorded in the National Library Online Catalogue (OPAC), database NKC. Print documents from the reference collection of the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room can also be studied in the General Reading Room. LAN workstations provide access to some of the NL sources.

  7. Upon leaving the Reading Room, return all the items that were issued to you at the desk to the staff; you will then get your NL Card back.

    Alternatively, if you are leaving your place for a short while only and your NL Card is filed with the staff, you may use a „pass slip“, available at the desk, to pass the check point at the NL entrance; in that case, however, you remain fully responsible for the items on loan.

  8. In case you leave your seat for more than 30 minutes, the staff is authorized to vacate it for another user. You may collect your removed belongings at the service desk.

  9. Except for the materials you have brought in yourself, you may only take out of the Reading Room information materials and the like without a stamp of the National Library. [In other words: you are not allowed to take out any book etc. issued to you, or picked up by you, in the Reading Room.]

  10. In case you want to have the items kept for you transferred to the Scholars Reading Room, produce them, with new circulation slips filled out, to the staff 30 minutes before the closing of the Reading Room at the latest. Items without new circulation slips shall be returned to the stacks on the same day.

  11. In case you want to make a copy of any print material of the NL collections, address the staff at the desk – even if you intend to use an equipment you have brought in.

    We draw your attention to limitations due to the NL duty to ensure the preservation of its collections (ask the staff for more detailed information).

    In case the Library is not able to fulfill your request for a special kind of reprography, an authorized librarian can consider possible solutions with you.

    Intense light may in no case be used in the Reading Room. If you wish to use a tripod or a scanner to make copies produce a written statement to the staff declaring the intended use of the copies for personal or research use only.

  12. Users may use portable computers with their own source of power. Use of NL power supply requires permission from the staff. Users are in no case allowed to connect themselves to the NL communication network.

  13. Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in the Reading Room.

  14. The NL accepts no responsibility for items brought in by the users. You may put them in the cloak-room or into a locker in the vestibule next to it for the duration of one calendar day. Food and drinks may be kept (also for the duration of one calendar day) in a locker in the anteroom of the Reading Room.


Prague, 17 December 2012.

PhDr. Hanuš Hemola
Deputy Director, Library Collections and Services

National Library of the Czech Republic

Jun 17, 2015
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