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Scholars' Reading Room Regulations

Issued pursuant to the provision of the Part I No. 12 of the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the Czech Republic


  1. Access to the Scholars Reading Room is allowed solely to those Registered Users who have been authorised to use the Scholars Reading Room services on a permanent basis, ie. in the course of the valid registration with the National Library (see note below), as well as to those bearers of the Day Ticket who otherwise meet, in principle, conditions of the title to use the Reading Room services. The other users may use the Reading Room just when following conditions are met:

    1. they need a publication whose item in the Reading Room Reference Collection is the sole one in the National Library collection;
    2. an item of a Conservation Collection has been delivered for their use;
    3. a microdocument has been delivered for their use in the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room or in the Periodicals Reading Room, readers in the both Reading Rooms are occupied and no Scholars Reading Room Permament User claims the use of this Reading Room microform readers;
    4. they urgently need for their work a Library Item that is kept for a Scholars Reading Room Permament User and is not being used by him or her.
  2. Upon entry, produce your Library Card, or your Day Ticket, to the assistant in the lesser room.

  3. Acoustic communication with the use of mobile phones or another equipment brought in is prohibited.

  4. You may take one, vacant, seat at a table only. In special cases the seat may be assigned to you by the assistant.

  5. In the Reading Room you may consult the Library Items delivered to you by the assistant (print documents, microdocuments). You are responsible for the item until you give it back to the assistant. After consultation with the assistant, you may put the Items (volumes) kept on reserve on the assigned shelf yourself – the common ones in the lesser room, the large-size ones in the Reading Room proper.

  6. There is a reference collection available in the Reading Room. Its items can be found in the National Library Online Catalogue (OPAC), in the database NKC.

  7. Making available of the Library Items of the Conservation Collections is subject to special regulations[ZM1] that are available from the assistant in the lesser room.

  8. Through LAN working stations, there are available for you the National Library databases, online databases subscribed by the National Library as well as the Internet access.

  9. It is inacceptable to use a Library Item as a writing pad. For your work, please use soft-lead pencil; use of the ink pen is inacceptable. Any intervention into the integrity of any Library Item – such as underlining, highlighting, inscribing or interlining, sticking in slips etc. – is inacceptable.

  10. Keeping Library Items in the Reading Room on reserve

    1. There is no limit on non-periodical Library Items kept on reserve for permanently registered Scholars Reading Room Users (save for exceeding actual storage capacity). If you do not put the reservation period down on the request slip the Item shall be kept for one week. If you give reservation period longer than one month it is respected unless another user requests the Item and actual storage capacity makes that possible.
    2. It is not allowed to keep on reserve the Library Items delivered for on-site use by storing them in hired lockers (boxes as well as containers – see ad no 17).
    3. The Library Items – large-size volumes (in particular, newspapers) are kept on reserve, in principle, in an extent of one year-volume of one title for one registered user. The requests above this limit shall be consulted with the assistant – they are considered according to the actual storage capacity in the Reading Room.
  11. If you want to transfer the Library Items kept on reserve in this Reading Room to another one hand in them, with new request slips filled in, to the assistant up to 20 minutes before the Reading Room closing time, at the latest. The Items without new request slip shall be sent back to the stacks on the same day. The Scholars Reading Rooms Reference Collection Items, however, should not be transferred to another Reading Room.

  12. Upon leaving the Reading Room, return the Library Items in use to the assistant. If you leave the Reading Room for a short time only and the Library card remains at the assistant’s desk, you may use the so-called pass for check at the entrance, which is available in the lesser room; nevertheless you are fully responsible for all the Items delivered to you.

  13. If you want to make a copy of whatever printed material as well as of a microdocument of the National Library collections address the assistant in the lesser room, even in the case you want to use an equipment you yourself brought in. We draw your attention to limitations following from the Library interest in the Collection preservation. If the National Library of the Czech Republic is not able do satisfy your needs for a special kind of reprographic works the authorised librarian will consider settling the problem with you. Use of intensive light is in no case admissible in the Reading Room.

  14. Portable computers with their own power source may be used after consultation with the assistant. The use of power line of the National Library permits the assistant. The users are in no case allowed to make a connection to the National Library LAN.

  15. In the Reading room, there is available the Internet wireless access point (Wi-Fi).

  16. The National Library of the Czech Republic bears no responsibility for items brought in. You may leave them either during the Library opening hours and for one calendar day in the cloak-room as well as in a locker in the neighbouring vestibule, or in a rental locker according to no. 17.

  17. Permanent Scholars Reading Room Registered Users may hire, for storage of personal beongings, a locker – box or container. Terms of the hire are regulated by individual contract. The period of hire is at least one calendar month. The National Library may refuse the hire to a user who violated grossly or repeatedly the terms of the preceding hire.


Prague, 30 October 2006.

PhDr. Bohdana Stoklasová

Modern Collections and Services, Director

National Library of the Czech Republic


Instruction for registration of Permanent user of the Scholars Reading Room:

Instruction in Writing

The status of the Permament Registered User of the Scholars Reading Room may be awarded to, in particular:

  1. the members as well as employees of the top state institutions including the Section (Directorate) Directors
  2. researchers of the Academy of Sciences
  3. managers and researchers of the national professional or cultural institutions (eg. National Gallery, National Museum etc.)
  4. teachers of higher education establishments
  5. senior editors (editors of professional periodicals, chief & senior editors of media as far as they publish professionally)
  6. the provisions above are valid for the users affiliated to foreign corporations accordingly

Other users wishing to get the status of the Permament Registered User of the Scholars Reading Room shall address the Reading Rooms Department Head. It is advisable to produce evidence of professional publishing activities, or as the case may be, a letter of recommendation of the head of an establishment mentioned above.

The postgraduate as well as doctoral students as such are, in principal, advised to use the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room.


The registration fee of the Permament Registered User of the Scholars Reading Room is stipulated for by the line 1.3 of The National Library of the Czech Republic Fees and Services Price List.*


Prague, 3 October 2005.

PhDr. Hanuš Hemola

Head, Public Services Division

* According to the Price List, the yearly registration fee (upon registration or renewal thereof) is CZK 100,- - both with the privilege for check-out (the Registered User status 01 or 07) or without it (the Registered User status 77). The registration fee should be paid by a retired person of the age above 70 as well.

Dec 10, 2012
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