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Making Available Library Units Subject to the Special Protection Régime (ZOR)

Directive in writing

  1. The library units subjected to the Special Protection Régime (hereunder „ZOR“) and the library units of the National Library conservation collections within the management purview of the Modern Collections and Services, are made available to the National Library registered users in the Scholars‘ Reading Room, during its operation, in limited opening hours:
    9.00 – 12.00 AM and 02.00 – 07.00 PM
  2. General rules of making the units available follow from the NL Rules and Regulations, or, as the case may be, from the the Scholars‘ Reading Room Rules. The delivery of the library units stated above proceeds upon discretion of the National Library.
  3. Upon entering the Scholars‘ Reading Room, the user shall produce his/her National Library Card. In the case of the first visit to the Reading Room pertaining to a particular order in a calendar year, the user shall get acquainted with this Directive and fill out the Declaration of Use.

    3.1. If the content of the document ordered falls within the scope of the Penal Code Sec. 191-1 or  Sec. 192-2 the user shall provide evidence of his/her research or professional character of interest (he/she shall provide a letter of recommendation of an academic or pertinent professional body on a signed letterhead-paper, or shall provide a list of at least five his/her professional publications on the subject pertaining to the statutory provision mentioned to the head of the Reading Rooms Department). Such a library unit must not be made available to a minor (a person under the age of 18).

    3.2. If the subject of the consultation is a document with the content the social circulation of which is subject to the provision of the Penal Code Sec. 403-405 the registered user shall sign the record of having his/her attention been drawn to the statutory provision mentioned. If he/she rufuses to do so the librarian shall note that in the Declaration.

    3.3. The Declaration of Use produced within the same calendar year may be accepted for use of another library unit, save for a case when a change has occured (in the user data, or in the régime of the use). In the latter case, the user shall fill out a new Declaration of Use.

    3.4. The user shall confirm the receipt of the library units subjected to ZOR as well as of those of the NL conservation collections by a signature in the Register of Delivery. Each transfer of a library unit shall be recorded, even in the case of a brief absence.
  4. The library unit may be used exclusively by the user on whose order it has been delivered. An exception may be granted, upon inspection of the document, by the head of the Reading Rooms Department, or the chief of the Library Services Division, only.
  5. The registered user shall consult the library units at the table assigned. In the course of the work with the units subjected to ZOR a soft pencil is allowed for use, only; no material shall be placed on surface of a document consulted, in particular, though not exhaustively, a notebook, a sheet of paper for making notes etc.; neither glue, scissors, knife, or eraser shall be used. Any interference with the integrity of a document is prohibited. Any action in violation of this stipulation shall incur a disciplinary sanction in accordance with the NL Rules and Regulations (withdrawal of the right to use the library units of the conservation collections; in particular, withdrawal of the right to use the Reading Room of the Library Units Subjected to ZOR, that of the Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, as well as of other Reading Rooms of Conservation Collections of the National Library of the Czech Republic).
  6. As a rule, the registered user is allowed to consult one volume (item) of a library unit subjected to ZOR – and that one only. An exception, subject to substantiation, may be granted by the head of the Reading Rooms Department. The use of an appliance of information technology shall be consulted with the librarian.
  7. There is a limit of maximum three sets of items delivered to order (up to 5 volumes/items) to be held on reserve for one registered user at one time, to be kept for one week. The hold may be prolonged consecutively up to one month. The National Library reserves the right to reduce, due to operational reasons, extent of a hold without prior notice.
  8. Copying of printed library units subjected to ZOR as well as of those of other conservation collections is processed under the protection régime, ie. to order for a copy from archival and rare collections, or it may be performed, subject to consultation with the librarian, by the user himself/herself with a camera. The use of an intensive lighting when taking photographs is excluded. Should the user want to use a tripod, his/her declaration on the use of the copies for research or private study shall be produced in writing. If the need be, for the sake of the collection preservation, the library assistant shall impose the use of appropriate implements (support, paperweight, etc.).
  9. If the content of a document falls within the scope of the Penal Code Sec. 191-1 or  Sec. 192-2 the copying is inadmissible.

Prague, 9 February 2010.

PhDr. Hanuš Hemola
Chief, Library Services Division

Jana Huňová

Oct 15, 2012
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