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New Publications

Russkaia emigraciia v Prage (1918–1945): putevoditel‘ = Ruská emigrace v Praze (1918–1945): průvodce / Anastasija Kopršivova, Lukaš Babka

Russian Émigrés in Prague (1918–1945). A Guide / Anastasija Kopršivova, Lukaš Babka

1st ed. – Prague, 2022 – 205 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 87) – ISBN 978-80-7050-741-4

Following the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917 and the subsequent Bolshevik takeover of Russia, thousands of the Russians that had been forced to flee their homes and escape abroad found temporary refuge and often a permanent home in the new state of Czechoslovakia. The publication Russian Émigrés in Prague (1918–1945). A Guide presents in the form of an address directory the colourful public life of the Russian émigré community in Prague in 1918–1945.

Although the Russians were scattered throughout the republic, the book focuses only on Greater Prague, where their concentration was the greatest and where organisations with regional branches mostly had their centres. Other nationalities comprising this refugee wave (Ukrainians, Belarusians) are also omitted, with the exception of the few groups of Caucasian and Siberian peoples, often cooperating with the Russians.

The 168 entries of the directory are divided by their nature (e.g. associations, educational, religious, scientific, sporting and cultural institutions, shops, restaurants, as well as memorial plaques), accompanied by brief descriptions and rich pictorial documentation comprising historical as well contemporary photographs of the places listed, reproductions of stamps, letterheads, logos and other materials of the time. The book also includes a name index, a list of the addresses of the houses photographed, a list of the owners of the visual materials used, and a list of the sources and literature used.

Price: 350,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Biblioteka A. L. Bema: Varshava – Praga, 1921–1945: opyt rekonstruktsii i opisaniia / Mariia Magidova, Olʼga N. Ilʼiina

The Library of Alfred L. Bem: Warsaw – Prague, 1921–1945: An Attempt at Its Reconstruction and Description / Marija Magidová – Olʼga N. Ilʼiina

1st ed. – Prague, 2021 – 496 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 86) – ISBN 978-80-7050-739-1

The book Biblioteka A. L. Bema: Varshava – Praga, 1921–1945: opyt rekonstruktsii i opisaniia [The Library of Alfred L. Bem: Warsaw – Prague, 1921–1945: An Attempt at Its Reconstruction and Description] presents the results of expert research into the personal library of Alfred Liudvigovich Bem (1886–1945?). It contains a catalogue of 533 titles and a detailed treatment of their specifics, descriptions of ownership records and dedications, authorial marginal glosses, synopses and the author’s extracts. A. L. Bem was a Russian philologist, literary historian and critic who lived in Czechoslovak exile from 1922 until May 1945, when he disappeared without a trace after his arrest by Soviet security authorities. His library is housed in the Slavonic Library in Prague.

The library of A. L. Bem is a prime example of a private philological collection. Its contents clearly show Bem’s research priorities, namely the literature of the 19th century and the methodology of literary science. It also reflects the gradual changes in Bem’s research interests (the period devoted to the works of Pushkin, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky) and the dependence of the structure of the library on the conditions of scholarly work in exile (1919–1945; Belgrade, Warsaw, Prague).

The book is an outcome of a joint research project of the Slavonic Library and the ‘Russian Emigration’ Information and Cultural Centre in Saint Petersburg. It is intended for philologists, historians, librarians and bibliophiles, as well as for anyone interested in the history of Russian émigrés and book culture.

Price: 376,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Z Lublaně přes Vídeň do Prahy: (Ivan Cankar a jeho současníci) = Iz Ljubljane preko Dunaja v Prago: (Ivan Cankar in njegovi sodobniki) / editorka Alenka Jensterle-Doležal

From Ljubljana via Vienna to Prague (Ivan Cankar and His Contemporaries) / ed. Alenka Jensterle-Doležal

1st edition – Prague, 2020 – 270 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 85) – ISBN 978-80-7050-722-3

The publication Z Lublaně přes Vídeň do Prahy: (Ivan Cankar a jeho současníci) [From Ljubljana via Vienna to Prague: (Ivan Cankar and His Contemporaries)] is a collective monograph on Ivan Cankar (1876–1918), a canonical author of Slovene literature and culture, also known in the Czech lands and the whole Central European area. It contains seventeen studies whose authors from the Czech, Slovene and Austrian university backgrounds emphasise not only problems of literary science, literary theory and linguistics but also an interdisciplinary view of Cankar’s work. They further indicate new philosophical approaches and reveal cultural issues related to the Central European importance of his work.

The writer and playwright of Slovene origin Ivan Cankar spent many years in Vienna, but he was also closely tied to Prague, where the first translations of his works were published and his plays were staged. The reception of his work in Czech culture was particularly rich in the early 20th century.

The year 2018 was called the Year of Cankar in Slovenian culture; in both the public and scientific spheres, he was paid special attention. One of the outcomes of this initiative is the presented book. This is further proof of the fact that there are few relations between two nations in the Central European space that would be as rich as between the Slovenes and Czechs.

Price: 150,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Ukrajina poza Ukrajinoju: encyklopedyčnyj slovnyk mystecʼkoho, kulʼturnoho i hromadsʼkoho žyttja ukrajinsʼkoji emihraciji v mižvojennij Čechoslovaččyni (1919–1939) / Oksana Pelensʼka

Ukraine Outside Ukraine. An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the Artistic, Cultural and Social Life of Ukrainian Diaspora in Interwar Czechoslovakia in 1919–1939 / Oksana Pelensʼka

1st edition – Prague, 2019 – 331 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 82) – ISBN: 978-80-7050-713-1

The encyclopaedic dictionary Ukraine Outside Ukraine deals with one of the most interesting aspects of Ukrainian history and Czech-Ukrainian relations – the artistic and cultural activities of Ukrainian émigrés in Czechoslovakia in the interwar period. The core of the book, which includes a total of 342 entries, is formed by texts devoted to the creative work and life of artists, writers, poets, journalists, composers and actors and by texts mapping the activities of Ukrainian emigré artistic, social, publishing and scientific institutions and organisations. Separate entries deal with Ukrainian-Czech and Ukrainian-Slovak cooperation. The book further contains detailed information on which Czech and Slovak institutions contain artistic, literary and archival collections related to Ukrainian diaspora and how these collections were created. The dictionary provides new information for scientists as well as the wider public interested in the research into the phenomenon of Ukrainian émigrés in Czechoslovakia, especially in terms of their artistic and public activities.

Price: 220,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Zmizelý svět Podkarpatské Rusi ve fotografiích Rudolfa Hůlky (1887–1961) = The Lost World of Subcarpathian Rus’ in the Photographs of Rudolf Hůlka (1887–1961) / Hana Opleštilová – Lukáš Babka

1st ed. – Prague, 2014 – 291 s. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 74) – ISBN 978-80-7050-630-1

2nd ed. – Prague, 2016 – 300 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 78) – ISBN 978-80-7050-667-7
Reprint of the 2nd ed. – Prague, 2019 – 300 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 78) – ISBN 978-80-7050-667-7

The book published in Czech-English edition presents a selection of photographs from the large collection of visual materials created in the first third of the 20th century by the Czech ministerial official, translator of Ukrainian literature and amateur photographer Rudolf Hůlka (1887–1961). The entire collection, which has been preserved in the depository of the Slavonic Library in Prague, includes more than 4,400 visual materials depicting Subcarpathian Rus’, Slovakia, Moravia, Bohemia and to a lesser extent other parts of Europe and North Africa.

The books consist of three parts: an introductory essay outlining Rudolf Hůlka’s biography, an album containing reproductions of nearly 200 selected photographs mainly from Subcarpathian Rus’ made in the first half of the 1920s and also from other selected geographical areas visited by Hůlka, and a complete catalogue of Hůlka’s visual materials related to Subcarpathian Rus’ containing 1,451 items. The Foreword was written by American librarian, Slavist and art historian Edward Kasinec.

The representative selection of photographs captures all themes and geographic regions captured by Rudolf Hůlka’s camera in Subcarpathian Rus’; they also provide examples of all the materials used during Hůlka’s photographic activities: hand-colored, color and black-and-white glass slides, as well as black-and-white glass and celluloid negatives.

Price: 420,- CZK

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Nov 21, 2022
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