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Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room

National Library of the CR has decided to support the governmental regulations aimed at restricting contacts and movement of persons, formulated in the Government Resolution No. 216 dated of 26 February 2021, and it has been closed to the public from Saturday, 6 March 2021, until further notice. More >>

LOCATION Ground floor, door no. 24-26 (next to the General Reading Room)
TELEPHONE 221 663 146
221 663 111 (operator)

Mon-Sat: 9.00-19.00

Mon, Wed, Fri 9.00-14.00
Tue, Thu 9.00-19.00

Anybody with a valid National Library card or an admission ticket, may use the Social and Natural Science Reading Room.

Social and Natural Science Reading Room Regulations (in Czech only)
  • almost eight thousand volumes of encyclopedias, handbooks and a selection of Czech and foreign-language monographs, mainly in the humanities and social and natural sciences
    Volumes are categorized in Classified Arrangement of the Social and Natural Science Reading Room
  • the National Library databases and a selection of other resources are accessible on a LAN working station
  • 50+ electronic resources (especially CD-ROMs)
  • you will find shelf marks of the Reading Room collection in OPAC (records with a note „in reading room - NATURAL SCIENCE READ.ROOM“; items with a note „open shelves“ – you may pick yourselves, for items with notes „at the desk“ please ask the librarian)
  • there is a PC-work-station with acces to the OPAC (NL Catalogue, CASLIN Union Catalogue, etc.) in the Reading Room
  • do not hesitate to ask a librarian for the help
  • use of materials from the Reading Room reference collection
    • for your convenience publications are mostly on open shelves
    • ask the librarian for the ones shelved at the desk or on dedicated racks
  • delivery of microfilms and microfiches
  • -there is a limit of maximum 10 items; reservation of materials for  up to 7 days only
  • in the case you need to use a print item delivered from the stacks jointly with a non-print material or an online resource address the librarian
  • delivery of materials with sound (and, in exceptional cases, audio-visual) recordings
  • making accessible electronic resources (CD-ROMs, diskettes ...)
    • please note: making accessible non-print material takes place in reduced opening hours
  • referral and consulting services
  • self-service copying
  • photoduplication orders
  • Rules of information technology use in Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room
  • Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
  • two places for persons with a grave physical disability and their assistants


Librarian in charge: PhDr. Michal Hora

Zdeněk Matušík

in the season of festivities at the end of December 2018 & New Year 2019, the items are held for you for the period of 6 opening days as in other time of year.

For your convenience, please find below the schedule of the hold:


Day of storage

(delivery, prolongation, storing)

Last day of the hold

15. 12. – Saturday

22. 12. – Saturday

17. 12. – Monday

7. 1. – Monday

18. 12. – Tuesday

8. 1. – Tuesday

19. 12. – Wednesday

9. 1. – Wednesday

20. 12. – Thursday

10. 1. – Thursday

21. 12. – Friday

11. 1. – Friday

22. 12. – Saturday

12. 1. – Saturday

27. 12. – Thursday

28. 12. – Friday

29. 12. – Saturday

2. 1. – Wednesday

3. 1. – Thursday

4. 1. – Friday

5. 1. – Saturday

7. 1. – Monday

13. 1. – Monday


Mar 05, 2021
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